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An impressive, 19th century chateau and its 115 ha of forest in Upper Normandy

On the outskirts of the village, a narrow road winds through unspoilt countryside. At the end of one of the bends is a long driveway, bordered by lime trees over one hundred years old, which leads to tall wrought gates, protecting the impressive building. There are dry moats on either side of the gates.
The main courtyard is defined by a round lawn surrounded by its circular gravel driveway.
Impressive outbuildings on the left-hand side are a reminder of the not too distant past when the property was virtually self-sufficient.
The estate, spanning a surface area of 136 ha, 133 of which are inside the walls of the property, comprises grasslands and forest as well as 4 hectares of parklands over which looks the rear facade of the chateau. The parklands are planted with lime, purple beech and oak trees.
It is possible to see the vestiges of what was a large vegetable garden, once the direct source of food for the residents. Within the forest, on the right-hand side, a chapel stands as if fashioned by the surrounding silence.
The 116 ha of forest is crossed by two valleys spanning approx. 13 ha of farmland.

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