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Black Gutter Brush Leaf Guard

Do you dread cleaning the gutters? It's one of those chores that needs to be done every year at least twice, but tends to be left until after there is a problem.

As prevention is better than a cure, these brush Leaf Guards from Selections can be used to keep gutters clear of debris - and they couldn't be easier to install. Made from hard wearing nylon fibres held in place by stainless steel wiring, they form a barrier that keeps debris out, but lets the water through in a free flowing stream

* Fits gutters with internal measurements 100mm-116mm
* 4 m length
* Stainless steel wiring
* Nylon fibres
* 100mm in diameter
* Extraction loop

Measurements: h: 10cm x w: 400cm
Price:  £8.99
Buy it here: Black Gutter Brush Leaf Guard (4m)