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Marshall Fridge - Let's get amped

  •  The coolest amplifier in the world
  •  Made from authentic Marshall amp parts
  •  Delicious ale and scantily-clad groupies not included
  •  Yes. All the dials go up to 11, we’re not even joking
Combine 50 years of classic rock heritage with a spacious drinks refrigerator and you end up with the chilling rock n’ roll obelisk known as the Marshall Fridge.

Masterfully crafted from authentic Marshall Amp parts and emblazoned with the Father of Loud, Jim Marshall’s seal of approval; it is undoubtedly the perfect addition to any green room, studio or man-cavern. Behind its familiar and lifelike amplifier exterior lies a remarkably roomy refrigerator, complete with adjustable glass shelves and a freezer compartment for you know; spirits, ice trays, chewed-off bat’s heads etc.

Grabbing a beer from this fridge is no longer just a case of going through the motions - it's a rock and roll event. The spotlight's on you, it's all happening in slow motion, a deafening celestial power-chord rings out, the door creaks open and a cool mist pours out revealing row after row of dripping ice-cold refreshment at your fingertips. It's time to get amped. 

Please Note:
  • The switches, knobs and jacks (whilst adjustable) are aesthetic-only so you'll have to find a real amplifier or stick to air guitar
  • Row upon row of delectable BrewDog ales sadly not included
Product Features:
  • Engraved with the Father of Loud, Jim Marshall’s signature.
  • Crafted from authentic Marshall amp parts
  • High quality black fret cloth veneer accented with classic white piping and brass rivets
  • Reversible door to cater to left and right-handed guitarists
  • Contains adjustable glass shelves and a freezer compartment
  • Door rack holds 1 litre bottles
  • Adjustable fridge temperature from 0-10ºC
  • Measures approximately 67cm(W) x 81.52cm(H) x 62cm(D)
    • Refrigerator capacity - 112.6 Litres
    • Freezer Compartment capacity - 12 Litres
    • Total capacity - 124.6 Litres 
Price: €520.79