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Apartment K by Monovolume Architecture + Design

The Apartment K is located in the heart of Bolzano. This is a concept development and interior design for an apartment in an existing building.

The lobby area is separated by a generous cloakroom from the kitchen.

The kitchen has a dining area and is directly connected to the living room. It can be separated from the surrounding areas by sliding doors. All rooms flow smoothly into one, simply due to the cabinet walls and the central furnace seperate spaces may arise.

The parents' bedroom with walk-in closet and the corresponding open-plan bathroom, and the two bedrooms of the children form the sleeping area of the apartment.

All bedrooms have a private balcony. Directly connected to the apartment there is a guest apartment with living area, bed- and bathroom.

All the furniture of the apartment are white, the floors in the day and night areas consist of walnut, only the bathrooms are tiled.

An internal staircase leads from the living area directly on the overlying roof terrace with Jacuzzi.