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~wood blinds~

I love the look of wood blinds.
I used to have really cheap ones in our home, and over the last few years have upgraded to better ones that are still very affordable.
These are my favorite ones.
I first saw them in a friends home and was shocked to find out how cheap they were and the source for them. I thought for sure they would have been very expensive.
This is a horrible i phone photo, but you can see them in the kitchen in the background.

Here they are in our master bedroom:

My friend Holly uses wood blinds a lot in her designs:

Holly likes to use Select Blinds.

And if you read Cote De Texas, you will see a lot of them:

I just love the look they create, especially when paired with drapes.
You can buy them from Amazon and even Overstock.
But don't forget to check out your local hardware stores, like I said, ours our from Home Depot and I love them!


via My Sweet Savannah