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What’s Saving Me Right Now

What’s Saving Me Right Now

I admit that most days I look around my house and do have a strong sense that I’m drowning. Drowning in homework papers, muddy shoes, empty cups, dirty dishes, craft projects (theirs, not mine), dirty socks, candy wrappers, scattered library books, thrown throw pillows. . .  You get the idea. As I like to tell my family (often), it feels like it’s six against one. (Woe is me! As you can imagine, they just love it when I get in those moods.)


I religiously follow Anne’s blog and she reminded me of two really good things recently. 1.) TODAY is the half-way point of winter. (Come on Spring!) And, 2.) it’s good to stop and think about the things that are actually saving me instead of just focusing on the things that make me want to bang my head against a wall. She asked her readers to come up with lists of “what’s saving them” and write about it today, so I’m participating and even if you come late to the party, I hope you will, too. More details here.


Scripture. My time in God’s word each morning changes everything for me. I do this in the 20 or so minutes between when I put my oldest girls on the bus and wake up my oldest son for middle school. If you’ve thought about it but have just never made it a priority, I’m begging you to try. The more you do it, the more you love it. And, between the TV news and the hatefulness I see (and sometimes encounter) on social media, it’s what restores my joy and reassures me He’s got this all under control.

Online grocery shopping. If you have this in your area, do it!! I used this service the entire year after the twins were born and just started up again last Summer. Our local grocery lets me order everything online and pull up in front (where they put it in my car) for $5 a trip or $99/year. When I compare that to dragging five kids through the grocery (or using up my time shopping while they’re in school), it feels like the bargain of the century.

Reading at night (instead of working on my laptop). In the first few years of the blog, I would stay up all hours working while everyone else was sleeping. I just can’t do it anymore. It could be aging, but it’s also finding the value in sleep and just doing something I enjoy at the end of the day. I usually read on the couch while other people in our house watch basketball. I can block out just about anything. It’s my best talent. (Here’s a list of what I’ve read lately, in case you missed it.)

The Office. I’m so late to the game but I just started watching this on Netflix and am already dreading when I reach the end (two seasons left). Michael Scott is my favorite (fictional) person of the moment and I just adore his awkwardness. I laugh out loud every time I watch it. You can’t beat that. (Plus, I’m happy to have another show since this season’s Bachelor may be the stupidest ever—and that’s saying a lot. The haunted house group date *almost* made me cancel it on my DVR.)

Nachos for supper. This sounds silly but finding a meal that all five kids will eat and I can make in less ten minutes is definitely saving me right now. I would also add pancakes and pasta alfredo to that (very small) list. What’s your fastest go-to meal during the week?

Less blogging. I’m only doing (on average) one less post a week than I had been before, but I’m finding this schedule is working way better for me. And, the biggest thing has been just letting go of the pressure I put on myself. So, I don’t blog for a week? Nobody’s going to die. (That can probably be said for 99.9% of the things we worry ourselves silly about during the course of a day.) More thoughts on that here.

More laundry—and more podcasts. More laundry isn’t saving me, but doing a load at least every day is helping it feel more manageable. And, I can almost pretend folding clothes is relaxing if I’m listening to a podcast while I do it. (Give me all your best suggestions! I only have a few that I like.)

Singing in my church choir. I grew up singing in church but have been out of the choir over the last year while we were settling on a new church. I really missed it and am so thankful to have found my place and new friends. Sunday morning is one of the best parts of my week.


So, what’s saving you right now?



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