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Victorinox Swiss Army’s Maker Collaboration with Stephen Kenn

Victorinox Swiss Army’s Maker Collaboration with Stephen Kenn

Stephen Kenn, a furniture designer based in Los Angeles, was asked by Victorinox to design a series of home furnishings that embody the spirit and aesthetics of the Swiss brand. Kenn, who attributes the brand with memories of the Swiss Army knife his father gave him and his brothers as children, created a 3-piece collection of furniture that has the same playful but functional design like that of his childhood tool.

Like the iconic Swiss Army knife, The Stepladder Chair triggers the same discovery process you get when you pull apart different pieces of the object when a new tool is needed. This object functions as a small leather chair when resting. Unlatch the leather straps at the bottom of the chair to rotate its upper half 90 degrees and it converts into a stepladder.

Similar to the Stepladder Chair, The Convertible Desk also has multi-functional use as it can be used as a working desk or as a coffee table. Kenn used the same sliding functionality as the toothpick and tweezer channels on a Swiss Army knife to design the channels for the table legs to slide in with minimal effort. Kenn also added a metal panel so that the table could also be used for storage and as a drafting panel.

Kenn designed The Storage Column to complement the other two objects. It features three cubes that can rotate independently of each other and has four different functionalities on each side. One side has two panels to be pulled down and used as shelves. One side is a mirror. Another side is a simple powder-coated metal panel so that it can be used as a dry erase board or to pin up memos with magnets. The last side has a solid walnut door that opens up for storage.

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Photos by Amy Bartlam.

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