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TRACK by Box Clever

TRACK by Box Clever

TRACK is a minimal bike rack created by San Francisco-based designers Box Clever. The designers wanted a rack that could live in modern homes and offices while elevating the environment and showcasing bikes – like a frame for an artwork, or mantle for a trophy. Box Clever began by taking inspiration from a Shaker Rail for its organization, flexibility, and simplicity.

Early on, the designers mapped out the relationship to a bike wheel, and where and why material was required. This design language began to ring true to the simple forms they were chasing. Rough functional prototypes were quickly built with off-the-shelf parts to validate the geometry and test strength.

The final design simply screws to your wall and is infinitely scalable based on your storage needs. The track itself can be made shorter for home use or longer for busier environments. Hooks and pegs can slide on or off the end of the track and adjusted as needed. The rack fits all tire sizes from narrow road bikes to heavy mountain bikes. The circular wooden hook bumpers make sure the hook meets the rim evenly and protects wheel rims from scuffing. Marks are kept off the walls as the top tire rests directly on the rail.

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