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Soufuu: A Meeting Spot for Rest and Disconnection

Soufuu: A Meeting Spot for Rest and Disconnection

With everyone being plugged into their devices 24/7, it’s hard to remain connected to people in real life. Jordi Iranzo looked to ways to fix that by creating a playful meeting spot that gives people the opportunity to connect with others while they disconnect from their phones. Soufuu encourages you and your friends to meet up and start some new habits, like resting and disconnection.

The house-like structure offers various places to sit or lay down – in one of the small “rooms,” on the steps, the landing, or on the rooftop hammock. With no doors or walls, the design allows people to interact with others or the environment while getting out of their normal routine.

Overall, Soufuu is smaller than an IKEA L-shaped sofa at just 3 square meters with a height of 2.5 meters. It can be used outdoors or inside within a larger space.

Photos by Thomas Lewandowski.

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