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Raybaby Wirelessly Keeps Watch On Infant’s Sleep and Breathing

Raybaby Wirelessly Keeps Watch On Infant’s Sleep and Breathing

Office for Product Design reimagines the traditional baby monitor as an all-observing red headed sentinel, supplemented with a non-contact sleep and respiration tracker to make sure infants are resting soundly. Like existing baby cameras on the market, the Raybaby comes equipped with an integrated ultra low-lux video camera for photos and live video streaming even in dim lights, built-in speakers, and audio monitoring. But inside the Raybaby’s white and red toy-like exterior are an array of additional sensors designed to keep tabs on a baby’s sleeping and breathing patterns, providing detailed feedback and early warning if something isn’t right, notifying and connecting parents and caretakers via WiFi/Bluetooth/GSM.

Raybaby was developed by start-up company Ray IoT Solutions, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson and the HAX hardware accelerator program, designed in partnership with Hong Kong-based design firm Office for Product Design with the intent of capturing the warm, friendly figurative personality of traditional wooden toys.

The Raybaby is designed to operate from a flat surface or be wall-mounted for a more direct angle of sight, permitting an embedded micropower ultra-wideband radar sensor to measure body movement and respiratory rate from a distance; a hospital-grade sensor can also detect irregularities like fever, asthma or bronchitis, as well as acute situations that may lead to accidental suffocation.

The Raybaby is currently available at a pre-order price of $129 and slated to ship in Fall of 2017.

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