Shopping Alert and The Story of My Home

A few months ago, I was approached by to take part in a Home Tour for their Made Unboxed platform that shows Made products in real homes. They wanted to come interview me and film my home. As soon as I saw the other beautiful videos they had created – I knew I had to say yes. I have hardly if ever seen videos of homes shot so lyrically as though they were a magazine editorial come to life – poetic details, glimpses through windows, the sheen of a beautiful tile – the sequences really captured the essence of an interior.

I have had a few opportunities speaking in front of a camera and for the most part the experiences have bought me out in a cold sweat – it’s one thing having a casual conversation with someone and another feeling like every word you say counts as you stare down the lens of running camera. But i believe that you only grow if you take on challenges that you dread and I knew I needed to conquer this one because practice makes perfect.

I was nervous but the team put a lot of research into my backstory – interviewing me over email, phone and in person to really draw out what my home meant to me – India, my grandmother, my heritage and a haven for my child and family. I’ve taken part in a lot of interviews and photoshoots and as in most industries its a lot of smoke and mirrors to make things look and sound a certain way – but this experience was so personal and captured exactly the soul of my home – it’s going to be something I treasure forever. I hope you all like it as much as I do. Thanks for the opportunity

You can view the whole video above and the full feature and my decorating tips over here.


via The Beat That My Heart Skipped