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This week the world felt a little bit scarier and more difficult than usual. In addition to upsetting civil rights news, we got some difficult news about the health of my oldest beloved fuzz bud, Turk. I plan on spending the entire weekend holding him close and soaking up time with the people and pets that mean most to me. Love, family, friendship and support feel more important than ever, so if you have the chance to spend time with those people in your life, please hug them and tell them how much they mean to you. Those connections and support systems are what help us keep moving forward and reaching for the light. Inspired by those moments of brightness and love, I wanted to share this beautiful photo of Sugar, one of Susan and Will Brinson‘s rescue pups. For some reason dogs just know when we need their love and I’m so thankful for ours right now (and always). xo, grace



  • Household Items and When to Clean Them: Man Repeller basically reminded me that I’m a very messy person. Thankfully I married someone who is cleaner than I am. I mean, washing pillows? I don’t think I ever have…eek.
  • My neighborhood believed in my restaurant before I did.” I love this story in Bon Appetit about the importance of community support.
  • Watercolor fashion: I love this watercolor take on the Dior fashion show.
  • These 3D Paper Gift Toppers at House Lars Built are super sweet.
  • Robert Pruitt’s artwork is calling my name right now. His portraits have so much texture and meaning.
  • Enter Here: These antique entryway details in Olatz Schnabel’s home are mega swoon-worthy.
  • Shingle Style: I love the exterior of this minimal Japanese surfing getaway.



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