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Give & Take: Whitney’s Pass-Through Wall

Give & Take: Whitney’s Pass-Through Wall

Whitney wrote me about a small wall in her living room that acts as a pass-through to other parts of her home. She feels like she’s missing an opportunity to do something really pretty in this spot—and I agree.


What I’d take away from this space. . .

The console she’s using in that spot is the perfect size—not too deep for a busy area. (Important side note: she has two boys.) But, the mirror is too small for the wall (as also noted by Whitney in her email, I might add). I don’t think it’s necessary to fill the entire wall, but I’d like to see something taller to balance out the armoire in the room.

Here’s a quick look at the rest of the space. I noticed she already has several blue accents so I went along with that idea when making my suggestions.


What I’d give to this space. . . 

mirror  //  ottoman  //  runner

I like the idea of a mirror to open up the space and something tall will balance out the armoire on the adjacent wall. The arched shape of the pagoda frame would also help with softening all of the hard angles. I would also use a runner to define this spot as more of a “pass-through”. (It’s okay for the runner to continue into the next room. Also, the one I recommended got great reviews for durability.) A small skirted ottoman would be a nice way to soften the space and could be pulled over next to the piano, if needed. Whitney doesn’t need many accessories on this small table, but some colorful flowers would be a happy touch.




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