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Filo Modular LED Light Bulb Lets Your Plug In Features

Filo Modular LED Light Bulb Lets Your Plug In Features

The newest LED light bulbs offer in the ballpark of a 20 year lifespan. Even subtracting the the possibility that number will only grow as LED and OLED technology matures, that means we may need to change a light bulb only four times in the span of an average lifetime! TEAGUE Labs forecasts this extended long lifespan offers a rare opportunity in the realm of technology today: a stable platform to build modular accessories around.

TEAGUE Labs’ Filo concept is a connected light bulb that works with existing standard sockets, a platform designed around individual modules popped in to extend the functionalities of a typical bulb. Once a module is inserted, the bulb can double as a voice-activated digital assistant, baby monitor, microphone, audio speaker, or security system. The designers envision a day when changing the bulb becomes a thing of the past, but switching in/out functionalities specific to rooms become the norm.

The bulbs shape and array permits users to switch from spot to full room coverage. The bulb also outputs full spectrum light for more circadian rhythm friendly options through the day and evening.

And of course there is going to be an app for it.

More about TEAGUE Labs Filo bulb concept over at Medium.

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