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Equipale Love


Sometimes, things are just meant to be– and I guess I was just meant to have some equipale furniture in my life because in the last couple of weeks, two equipale chairs and a lounger just appeared at the studio! Equipale furniture is from Mexico and traditionally crafted from tanned pigskin and Mexican cedar strips. The pieces work indoors and out and fit perfectly into the Jungalow look (I’ve also seen them in very modern settings and they look amazing.)


So how did this new equipale furniture come into my life? First, our neighbors from Wax Paper were getting rid of these two white-painted equipale chairs. When she asked if I wanted them — my answer was a resounding YES.


Then, a few days later, Caitlin, our studio design assistant, texted me one morning that this incredible equipale lounger was out on the sidewalk — and did I want it. Again… YES!! The chaise is pretty tore up (I covered the holes in the leather with our fluffiest sheepskin, from Sheepskin Town) so now I’m thinking to get it reupholstered with a rug…


If you’re looking to pick up some equipale furniture for your home or patio, check out our favorites from Etsy with some good vintage pieces.


via The Jungalow