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Design from A to Z: B is For Bungalow

Design from A to Z: B is For Bungalow

What is a bungalow? There are many types around the world, but the ones that we are most accustomed to are the Craftsman and the California. These are usually one-story homes with dormer windows, built-in cabinets in the living room, and a porch running across the front of the home. They became popular after World War 1, because of the cost to build them and their manageable size. Many were sold in kits from companies like Sears, which is why they are so distinguishable.

I’ve lived in many different bungalows in my life and they are my favorite style of home. They always seem to be the perfect size, quaint, and packed with personality, with all the built-in features that vary from house to house. I lived in two different ones in Tampa, FL; a pink California bungalow and a traditional Craftsman. I lived in an Chalet-style bungalow in St. Petersburg, FL, a yellow California in Memphis, TN, a Craftsman in Los Angeles, and a raised bungalow in Seattle, WA. I’m pretty sure my current house would be considered a bungalow, too, but I’m not sure the type it falls under.

Given my past residences, I feel pretty well versed in this topic, so I hope you enjoy this roundup of different bungalows that we have featured here on D*S over the years. —Erin

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