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I can be an all or nothing type of gal. Lately, while shopping for vintage I find myself being drawn to two distinct palettes: straight of super graphic black and white — or a total color explosion in full ROYGBV glory. (above image via Sera of London).


With the black and white vibe I love how the textures of the pieces steal the show. Also, I love how the chiaroscuro markings in patterns play off of each other, like on the Yoruba beaded chair in the upper left.


Image from our book, The New Bohemians. The home of Louise Sturges  shot by Dabito. 


But oh the rainbow palette. It just so dang fun. It’s hard to feel sad when surrounded by this much color, wouldn’t you say? It feels so free, so vibrant and just so dang happy! Which palette are you feeling more into lately?

Vintage piece all sourced from our partner site, Chairish. Check out all of my favorite vintage picks here.

via The Jungalow