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Blue and Gray Family Room Makeover

 Good morning!!!  Ready for President's weekend?  We are headed to Palm Desert, CA to celebrate my mom's birthday and visit family.  Supposed to rain.  Rain in the desert?  Oh well.

Cynthia and her husband raised three teen-agers in this family room below...
  (Don't judge.  I know first hand what kids and dogs can do to furniture)!  Now that her kids are grown, Cynthia, was ready to re-do their family room.

We used Pottery Barn's Performance fabrics on the furniture.  
And the wood floor makes a big difference.  The floors and walls are the largest spaces...really important!

Cynthia had all her accessories on the dining room table (she knew the drill).  I shopped from there for her bookcases.  
  • Use photo frames that coordinate 
  • If the book jackets are too bright or clash, remove them (unless they are "first editions" or something).
  • Group collections...see the pup shelf :)
  • I don't object to faux plants if they look as real as this ivy.

It'a a good idea to put your television on a tilt arm when it's higher up.

 Cynthia chose the wall color, Benjamin Moore Silver Gray (50% strength).  I like to hang vertical pictures on narrow walls...
A new lamp and a rug is forthcoming.
Some other examples of blue and white living rooms are here and here.

Look at my new linen, charcoal striped shade that my husband installed for me.
Thanks for visiting!

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