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Before & After: Two Bedrooms Go from Dark to Doused in Color

Before & After: Two Bedrooms Go from Dark to Doused in Color

Designer Solana James and her husband are huge fans of fixer-uppers. So much so that, when looking for a new home, they only considered options they could really sink their teeth into. The more outdated, rundown and “ugly,” the better. Luckily for this couple, they found the perfect option in Northampton, MA. Wood paneling, dingy carpet and a general lack of cheerfulness were the name of the game in this house before the pair flipped its nursery and their bedroom.

These two understand the power of a paint job and a nice floor. That being said, they began the renovation process by dousing both rooms in new hues and replacing both spaces’ old carpet with wood flooring. Solana is a vintage collector, so after this renovation it wasn’t too hard to track down accessories and thrift store finds to pepper throughout the revamped rooms. All they had to do was “shop” the rest of their home and some of their go-to stores to find pieces to fill in the blanks of the nursery and bedroom. It was as simple as that.

All-in-all, the nursery and bedroom makeovers prove that Solana is one gal who is not afraid to be bold. There’s hardly a neutral in sight. Even the white, tan and black finds she did incorporate have been jazzed up with a happier hue to help them fit her rainbow-esque point of view. One thing’s for sure: this style has created two spaces that are full of fun. Click through to see both transformations and to read more about how Solana and her husband flipped these beige spaces on their heads. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Solana James

via Design*Sponge