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Adding some COLOR to the kitchen!

Hello all! Hope your weekend was wonderful! Our weather continues to be oddly warm and is supposed to be near 70 this weekend! I can't remember a weirder winter in Indiana. It's been awesome, but I do wonder if the winter weather is going to hit in March. 😬

I've mentioned a few times I've slowly adding more color into our home lately. I was craving it in the new year and have been making small, easy changes to do just that. One spot in our kitchen was calling out for it -- the window seat (one of my favorite spots in our home):
Window seat in bay window

You can see all of the details on how it was built here. I have dreamed of a window seat in my home for most of my life, and now we have two! :) 

As you can tell, I love the color blue. I knew this would be a lovely spot to add in a little something more. I went shopping, not sure exactly what I was looking for, but I knew I wanted more color. I wish I had the patience to order fabrics online -- if I planned better I think I could do it but most of the time what I do fall in love with is CRAZY expensive anyway. 

SO. Went shopping. And found a combo I loved
Green and blue fresh fabrics for spring

The left is called Cove End Palm (Robert Allen) and the right is Gem of the Sky Indigo (P. Kaufmann), both from Calico Corners. Although the print still had a lot of blue, it had plenty of other colors to pull from too. I wanted to mix in one more fabric as well but didn't find anything I loved.

When I got home and got the pillows finished up, I realized two sets of the previous pillows worked great with the new ones. I ended up keeping all of them: 
Mixing and matching fabrics

The blue stripe was previously a larger pillow and I cut them down and made them smaller to match the rest. 

When I saw them all together I was in love! I still have my blue but with some more color thrown in too:
Blue, green and white pillow combo

And I can easily add something else with more color if/when I find another fabric I love. Pillows are SUCH an easy way to change up your decor -- whether you make them or buy! I think they are one of my favorite decorating accessories. 

I also love having more pillows on the seat -- it feels like I should have always had this amount because of the size: 
Kitchen window seat with pillows and sconces

Their similar size works much better too. I know many of you want me to put a cushion on here and I will eventually -- it's definitely the plan. A friend was going to make it but with the shape of the seat she didn't feel confident. She recommended someone else but I know it will be an investment. Now I'm considering trying it myself. We'll see. :) For now I don't mind it without. 

I had to laugh because when I made the first few pillows for this seat years ago I had green mixed in. The fabric was slightly more modern and I used lumbar pillows, so I ended up switching to the square sizes. I absolutely LOVE green and blue together! It's such a lovely combo! 

The blue with the pinstripe is fabric from Joann's (they still carry it) and the white with the large stripe were made from West Elm napkins. Here's a photo with our Valentine's banner up. :)
Built in window seat with pillows

New throw pillows are an easy way to update your space, don't you agree? When I'm craving a change that's my first stop. 

I've shared a bunch of easy pillow ideas over the years! Check out the link below each picture to find out more!
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