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A Cleveland Home Filled with Art and Handmade Pieces

A Cleveland Home Filled with Art and Handmade Pieces

I recently counted that I have moved 19 times in my life. There has been the “one suitcase” move, a couple of international relocations, and more recently, moves that have required plenty of sweat and even some tears. Although moving from one place to another is something I’ve become used to, the thought of putting down roots and then relocating after decades is definitely something that I would consider an adventurous and courageous life change. This is exactly what Mary and Dana Richmond did when they relocated to Cleveland, OH for a job opportunity three years ago, after living in the Boston, MD area all their lives.

When looking for a house in their new hometown, Mary and Dana hoped to find one that didn’t need much work and that offered the best of both worlds — a little land, but within easy commuting distance from Dana’s work in the city. They eventually fell for a 70s bi-level house that ticked all the boxes. It has always been important for Mary and Dana that their home be a true reflection of their personalities. After packing up their Boston lives and moving to another state, the biggest challenge was to make the new house feel like theirs.

When it comes to decorating, Mary and Dana are all about creativity. Their priority has always been to achieve an eclectic feel by adding color, pattern and texture through artwork and textiles. Every nook has a personal touch, from Mary’s handmade curtains to Dana’s wooden pieces, including shelves, a table and headboard. “We like to incorporate family pieces with new pieces and somehow make it all work,” Mary explains.

The couple’s style has always been eclectic, but their new open-plan Cleveland home has a slightly more contemporary feel than any of their previous homes in Boston. “Each home dictates where that style leans and this home was calling for a mid-century eclectic style,” Mary explains. Mary and Dana love being able to share their creativity through the details in their home. They have created such an inviting and personal setting that their son Tim decided to join them this spring! The couple eventually wants to do a few improvements to their home, like installing hardwood flooring and adding a barn to the yard for Dana to have a dedicated woodworking space.

Although the move to Cleveland wasn’t meant to be for good, Mary and Dana have slowly but surely begun to put down new roots. It just so happens that they have grown to love their new home and all that the city has to offer. “We miss our family and would love to be closer, but the longer we stay in Cleveland the more we are falling in love,” Mary says. The couple’s big move shows that starting afresh can sometimes mean finding your way home. Click through to see how Mary and Dana created a new home that reflects their creative personalities! —Sofia

Photography by Mary Richmond

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