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Wild Wonderful Planters


When you have as many plants as we do, you need A LOT of planters so we’re always on the hunt. From handmade ceramics to simple terra cotta options, we love them all, but we’re extra fond of the more unusual, wild styles. We’ll scour the flea markets, thrift stores, and the internet any day of the week in hopes of scoring the perfect home for our planties. The right planter can make any plant seem all that more magical, so it’s well worth the search!



Bold colors, graphic carved designs, pedestal bases, animal motifs, interesting shapes, and our perennial favorite- faces, all make for a planter that grabs our attention. The wilder, the better! If you’re not up for hunting them down in person, check out our partner, Chairish. You’ll find all our favorites here. Happy planting!

via The Jungalow