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Welcome New Customers With A Great First Impression


With a new year upon us, making the most of the coming months is top of mind. For us here at Design*Sponge, we’re investing more time in pie-in-the-sky projects and creating more meaningful relationships with our readers and those companies, large and small, that share the values we hold dear. With that in mind, we’re sharing a few tips on how to welcome customers (and those who may become customers). Aligning yourself and your business with people who need your expertise is what we all strive for. Make sure you express who you are and how you can help from that very first moment of contact!

Tip #1: Be bold and create a logo, card or other paper collateral that represents who you are, what you do and most importantly, what you and your business are all about. The end result doesn’t have to be bold, and a simple approach like choosing impactful typography to spell your brand in a foil or letterpress card can speak volumes. Here are some lovely examples from Carda & Co for inspiration.


Tip #2: Invest in high-quality, bespoke business cards and stationery. Any beautifully designed, heavyweight object that people can touch and feel creates a special place in their senses and brain just for you. They’ll remember you before that bookmarked page on the Internet which happens to offer the same product or service.


Click through for the most important tip of all and get ready to have a great (and prosperous) new year! –Caitlin

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Carda & Co., offering premium business cards and accessories to make a great first impression. Shop their collections here and follow them on Instagram here.

Tip #3: Stay in touch. Handwrite notes (a lot of them). Developing relationships is often as easy as simply staying in touch the old fashioned way. Sending repeated emails into an already full inbox is annoying. Taking the time to craft an interesting and genuine letter is a gift. Think of an instance in your business when you helped an existing customer reach their goal. Share that with a new or potential customer and let them know you thought of them and wanted to share this helpful example with them. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way, especially if it’s presented on a beautiful piece of stationery that reflects your pride and investment in your own business.


Carda & Co. does a wonderful job helping businesses look their best. Visit the business section of their site and let them help you create a great first impression!


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