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Trending Terrazzo By Bottle-Up

Trending Terrazzo By Bottle-Up

Bottle-Up is a foundation, founded by designers, that aims to upcycle and turn tourist waste into beautiful, functional products. In Zanzibar, tourism is a huge market. However, with tourism comes a price—huge increase in glass waste left behind. Thus, Bottle-Up’s mission to raise awareness about recycling and upcycling of glass.

They recently debuted Trending Terrazzo, a collection of products formed using interesting “moulds” found on the island. These found pieces are given a new, functional purpose. For example, a metal wok became the base of a table, and a piece of iron acted as a mold for the leg of a table. The furniture is not just for show— it will have a place in Zanzibar hotels in the future, thus coming full circle.

Photos by Jeroen van der Wielen.

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