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Transparent Shell by PONE ARCHITECTURE

Transparent Shell by PONE ARCHITECTURE

Looking to answer “how to integrate architecture to further interact and blend cities, environments, human beings and space,” PONE ARCHITECTURE designed the massive pavilion-like structure, Transparent Shell. A grid system holds together undulating curves made from weaving clear film around bending inner structures. The twisted shell-like modules reveal spaces for an entryway, walls, ceiling, window, desk, and seating turning the piece into a functional work of art.

The transparent material produces light and shadows that change based on how ambient light hits the curved parts of the shell. The steel pipes were first wrapped with the film and then woven, much like silkworms spinning cocoons.

PONE ARCHITECTURE first presented Transparent Shell during Guangzhou Design Week and then went on to win Gold in the Interior Design/Exhibition category in the AAP American Architecture Prize.

Photos by PONE ARCHITECTURE, courtesy of v2com.

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