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Texas Universities Get Efficient, Forward-Thinking Spaces Thanks to Connected BIM Technology

Award-winning San Antonio–based firm Overland Partners produces a wide array of projects in locales as far away as New Zealand and China, but recently it had an opportunity to make an impact back home in Texas when two of the state’s largest and most historic institutions of higher education turned to them for solutions. Specifically, Baylor and the University of Texas at Austin needed new buildings for rapid growth that could merge innovation with tradition and keep costs as low as possible. The Challenges Like most metro areas in Texas over the last 10 years, both Austin and Waco are in the middle of population explosions: Austin has transformed from a quirky college town into a national tech hub, and Waco has been topping lists of best places to live in America, attracting businesses and families from larger cities across the country. To keep up with these Texas-sized changes, the universities at the heart of both cities are trying to modernize amidst suddenly cramped conditions of central Austin as well as the picturesque, and historically significant Baylor campus that no one wants to see changed. The deans of the two schools consulted Overland Partners in an attempt to find space ...
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