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Snuffer by Ariane van Dievoet

Snuffer by Ariane van Dievoet

Snuffer is a modern candle snuffer created by Brooklyn-based designer Ariane van Dievoet in collaboration with candlemaker Keap, who are also based in Brooklyn. Ariane van Dievoet’s studio focuses on upholding the qualities of minimalism, sustainable design and lasting/timeless value.


The perfect gift for a candle lover, the design is a modern take on a classic candle accessory. Extinguish candles in style with this sculptural snuffer, and rest your matches safely on the concrete tray.

All pieces are hand-assembled in Brooklyn, and manufactured in a limited run of 100. Since the bases were hand-turned, the finish appearance on the concrete varies piece by piece, making each item completely unique. Assembly includes placing the concrete base on a flat surface and screwing the brass tip onto the brass sphere.




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