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Simple and Spacious

You might have gathered from my previous post that I have a yearning for simplicity. Along with that goes a need for a calm, restful environment and, for me, that means a lack of colour and lots of open space. I like colour, but in other people's homes - not so much in my own. I don't know why. I do have some bright colour in my home, but mostly in places where I don't hang out very much like the boys TV room and bedrooms. I like to surround myself with neutral, soothing tones that don't jar my senses in any way. I might be fooling myself that I could possibly have a calm restful, environment when I share it with 4 teenage boys but a girl can dream, can't she?

I came across this house while trawling the web and I was immediately drawn to it. It struck me that there was almost no colour in the house, not even art on the walls. Being an art lover and an amateur artist myself, I feel that I shouldn't like the lack of art, but I do! Shame on me!

This home is situated in McKinney, Texas, USA. It was only built in 2012, but the predominance of antique French doors and fixtures, make it feel that it has been around for a long time. The beautiful herringbone floor is made of tumbled marble.

The floor in the living room is antique, imported from Belgium. I love the fact that there is no excess furniture, which creates the sparse look that I am currently obsessed with, but the furniture that is there looks comfortable and inviting with the use of textures like velvet. So while it looks kind of bare, it doesn't look cold.

I think I might have been inclined to add some linen curtains to this music room. It could get a bit "echoey" otherwise. 

The kitchen-living area is vast and also boasts the beautiful  Belgian antique floor. The soaring beamed ceiling adds to the wonderfully spacious feeling. 

Interestingly, there is only one chair in front of the TV in the corner. Imagine the fights that would cause in my house!

The home has an office for both him and her. Dad's above, mom's below.  Love both! 

One of my favourite rooms is the laundry room/butlers pantry. I'm not sure why because I definitely don't love laundry, but I might grow to love it if it meant hanging out in here!

The main bedroom is simple and spacious with doors leading out onto the garden. 

Also a very spacious en-suite with slipper bath, lots of storage and his and hers vanity areas. Very nice.

The children's and guest bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs. All are simply furnished in neutral tones. 

A covered patio - perfect for entertaining outdoors.

The kitchen area also has a covered patio. A lovely spot to take a break inbetween cooking and laundry.

The garden is kept as simple as the interior with mostly just lawn and hedging. 

And finally, the front facade of the house. 

So there you go. I'd love to know what you think of this house with its sparse furnishings and lack of colour. 

Till next time

Sharon x 

Image source: here

via Roses and Rust