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Sara Wenokur Paper Cuts + Best of the Web

Before we close up shop for the week, I wanted to send us off into this momentous weekend with some uplifting artwork by Sara Wenokur that celebrates color and life. So many people in our community are traveling to participate in marches across the country tomorrow, and I want to wish everyone (marching or not) a safe weekend and safe spaces in which to speak up and make your voices heard. So much of what we do here at Design*Sponge is about providing inspiration and a safe space to find your voice, both literally and figuratively, and I applaud everyone who is taking steps toward becoming more involved in the world and systems around them. No matter your viewpoint, all points of view and all constructive conversations (and debates) will always be welcome here. I know this site is a respite from life’s difficult moments for so many people, but I hope we can continue to be a place where we embrace the beauty and creativity in life while still digging deeper to understand the things that make it complicated and challenging. Thanks for being a part of the dialogue and for being here. Safe travels, everyone. xo, grace

You can check out more of Sara’s incredible work here on her website and here on her Instagram feed.


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