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Room Makeovers And Affordable "Refreshes" Are Top Of The List I've done about 20 of the simple things on my list:  32 THINGS TO DO FOR YOURSELF IN  2017 including taking new yoga classes, making a sugar scrub and brewing green iced tea...more to go, but it feels great!  
Other bloggers have been reviewing their top past posts.  I've never done that before.  Checking the stats was a bit enlightening.  I think traffic has a lot to do with search engines and people coming over from Pinterest.  But for classic•casual•home readers, themes like refreshing with what you have, adding key new elements like bar stools and accessories and "before" and "afters" are most popular.

Here are my top ten posts over the last two years for your review.

Project Design: How To Style Your Coffee Table

 White Kitchen Makeover - Before and After

A Phased Decorating Approach With Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Blue and White Casual Beach Cottage
Banquettes:  Everyone's Favorite Place To Gather

Soft Green and Aqua Master Bedroom  (Before and After) and Sources

Ranch House Living Room Before and After

20 Great Bar Stools To Update Your Look

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