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Rolling Ladders: They Aren’t Just For Libraries Anymore

Rolling ladders aren’t just for libraries anymore. What was once considered a classic, the library ladder is making its way back into mainstream design in a big way. Not only is it a functional element but an architectural one as well. It brings purpose to any vertical space along with a nostalgic edge and cool vintage vibe. There is fresh appeal to this timeless piece, and here are a few reasons why.

This look can be used in any room of the house in need of vertical purpose and assistance. From the kitchen to the bathroom and every room in between, this simple concept brings a chic appeal and a willingness to work with just about any style.

The design details of the hardware and installation can be altered to fit your style. If you have more of a traditional feel you can go with ornate fittings or go for a minimalistic approach if you have a more modern sensibility. There is also plenty of flexibility in mixing and matching metals, finishes, and textures.

John Kraemer & Sons Mudroom Ladder


Makerista-Rolling Library Ladder


The main idea with the rolling ladder has always been function. You can make the most of your vertical space by adding the ability to access the taller areas of your home. It also aids in making your open shelving and storage more decorative like a work of art.

Bathroom Rolling Ladder from Flickr


Heather Bullard-Library Ladder


The fact that this architectural element can be a statement piece is just another reason to love this oldie but goodie. Let’s talk finishes: you can opt for a weathered finish, a more modern light stain, a traditional rich stain, or paint the ladder a bold hue. Whichever finish you choose, be sure to add some contrast so it stands out.

Macadameia-Rolling Library Ladder


Rolling Ladder in the Kitchen


There are options out there to suit every budget. If you are thinking of doing this project on a small budget, I would consider using a vintage ladder or a DIY; there are many out there to choose from. You can also buy the hardware and combine it with what you have. If affordability isn’t a requirement, then sky is the limit; you can have the entire system customized.

HLM Interiors-Mudroom Rolling Ladder


Jim Rush Green Builder-Rolling Ladder for Loft


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