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REmix: Designs Made From Leftover Materials

Like most companies, BD Barcelona Design ends up with lots of leftover components and materials from various projects that either they’re not making anymore or they had amassed excess during the fabrication process. Over time all of those pieces and parts take up much needed space and it becomes necessary to get rid of it to make more room. Instead of wasting the parts, they decided to breathe new life into them by giving them a second chance – one they’re calling REmix Vol.1 & Vol.2. Both collections are offered in limited editions until the components run out.

REmix: Designs Made From Leftover Materials

Designer Curro Claret chose to design candleholders for REmix Vol.1 using a variety of shields and balls made of polished and varnished brass.

REmix Vol.2 was tackled by Ramón Úbeda and the BD technical team and it consists of veneered storage cabinets adorned with polished and varnished brass components with legs in aluminum with a brass coating.

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