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Refined And Elevated Homewares From Lee Walsh

Refined And Elevated Homewares From Lee Walsh

Lee Walsh is a UK-based designer who focuses on one central theme, “Form Follows Construction.” His work embodies this consciously and unconsciously, where the “how” is what defines an object during its creation. With this, Lee reconfigures everyday expectations of structure and form into something surprisingly new. After creating Construct, a collection of furniture created in partnership with Naughtone, he has launched a few new objects on his site that can be purchased by anyone.

Plinth is a subtle anonymous object that perfectly molds with our lives and environment with expert functionality. While most tealight holders hide the candle, he wanted to create a tealight holder that would highlight the candle instead, making it an object to be seen.

9-Gon (The Dance) is a round bowl that’s made from a single sheet of steel. It has nine different petals that support each other, and is a 3D form that embraces what it holds.

Unlike other fruit bowls, Flex is a stained wood bowl with an untraditional shape. It has slotted framework—meaning no glue or mechanical fixing is needed.

The Ezra Chair and stool/side table are similar to the 9-Gon in that each are formed with a single piece of aluminum and steel, respectively. They come in an assortment of bold colors, which adds interest to its simple and efficient form.

As its name would suggest, Pedestal is a simple pedestal made with a cork top and metal base. Its natural grain softens the cold, geometric lines of the base.

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