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~pink rugs~

I have pink rugs on my mind!
I recently ordered this rug from Unique Rug Store and I cannot wait until it arrives!
Maybe it is because this time of year I crave color when it is so dreary outside, or maybe I've been on Pinterest a bit too much looking at al the lovely over dyed rugs, but man they are pretty!

Here are some more of my favorites from the Unique Rug Store:

This one is huge, approx. 9x11:

If you prefer a more subtle rug, this one is a beauty:

Oh my gosh I love this one!

Love this one too, so many choices:

Let's check out some fabulous rooms with pink rugs shall we?

Love this kitchen!

This is a fabulous example of a great entry with a great runner:

I love this over dyed one:

This proves they look good just about anywhere:

What do you think?
Are you loving them as much as I am?


via My Sweet Savannah