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~pet friendly home designs I use~

Those of you with pets can relate to this post.
I grew up with dogs, chickens, cats, and rabbits.
I have never known a time in my life that an animal has not been in it.
A huge animal lover I am, as well as my husband and kids.
If it were up to my husband, we would have 14 dogs.

But for now we have 2 labs, a English white lab named Oakley, and a American yellow lab named Harley. You can read about Harley's incredible journey here.

Anyway, with 2 big dogs and a rather smallish house, I thought I would share a little bit about how we live with dogs and offer a few stylish solutions.

One question I get asked a lot, is how we keep our dogs off the furniture.
Well, they didn't always used to stay off the furniture.

If your pets are allowed on the furniture, I highly recommend slipcovers. 
Our couch has covers that come off easily and can be thrown in the wash.
Some people like to cover their couches with blankets for pet paws, but I personally don't like this look in my own home. I would say if you are going to cover your couch in blankets, use the same color as your couch so it blends in nicely.

Now, I will say that after a while I got tired of shooing the dogs off the couch, and them jumping on it with muddy paws. So, since they are on an invisible fence unit outdoors, I purchased a indoor unit that is portable.
Basically you put this disc anywhere you don't want them. You can set the radius to however big you want it. I have one under our couch and they don't even come near the area now.
Once they have been trained not to go on the couch, I will move the unit to other rooms, say under the bed, then they get trained not to jump on the bed.
I suppose this is the lazy mans way of training, but hey, it works for us! They make outdoor units too which we have placed in our outdoor kitchen area for example.
Hands down, best purchase ever.
If you don't have invisible fence, here is a link to another brand on Amazon, I just have only had experience with the Invisible Fence brand.

When we have dinner parties or guests over and don't want the dogs underfoot, they go to their room.
And by their room, I mean this spacious area I created for them under the stairs in our basement.
It is a huge area, yet still cozy, dogs love cozy spaces. I have it filled with these throw beds, my dogs are spoiled.
They actually love it in there. I will find them napping in there during the day with the door open.
To see the rest of this room, click here.

Artwork for the pups is another fun thing to do.
Here I framed a vintage flashcard and hung it over the "entry"

I also created these silhouettes of them. 

Here is some other pet related artwork:

Consider having a pet portrait created.
This one of our dog Harley was painted by Lesli Devito and is a treasure we will cherish forever. There are many options on etsy too.

Try creating something yourself!
I made this out of leftover wood from a project and painted on my dogs silhouette in a contrasting color.

If painting isn't your thing, how about adding an appliqué of your pets silhouette to a pillow cover.
This is a plain pillow cover I purchased at Ikea. Cut our your pets silhouette onto a fabric of your choice and attach using fabric glue~no sewing required!

And finally, don't think you are stuck with pet feeders from the pet supply store.
 I purchased these to blend in more with our home rather than stick out like a sore thumb.
They are just the right size and the chargers underneath catch any spills.
I found these at Target in with all their other dishes.

See, you can live with pets in a stylish way.
After all, they are family members!


via My Sweet Savannah