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On the UK’s Southern Coast, a Potter’s Colorful Modern Flat

On the UK’s Southern Coast, a Potter’s Colorful Modern Flat

On a cold day earlier this year, I decided to pass the time by wandering around some of my favorite stores. With coffee in one hand and my boyfriend’s hand in the other, I ended up in West Elm where I was struck by the work of  potter Stella Baggott. I’m telling you, to know her latest collection is to love it. Full of brilliantly-colored decanters in mod shapes, the pieces are cheerful and memorable. Come to think of it, her home in Brighton, UK isn’t much different.

Located only an hour’s train ride from London, Brighton is a relaxed and creative coastal town. It’s the perfect spot for an artist looking for inspiration and a place to work and play. At the time of her move, Stella had been priced-out of London, and she was a bit worried about where she would end up. Luckily, she was able to snag a flat in the East Sussex spot with an almost identical floor plan to the one she had in the big city. Built in 1812, its 800 square feet were, unfortunately, not decorated how Stella would have liked, but you’d never know now that it’s been given a mid-century makeover.

The first thing Stella did when she moved in was paint everything. Decked out in taupe, the dingy walls were neither her style nor did they do anything to brighten the parts of the home that received minimal light. A simple coat of white and a few dollops of color have since done the trick though, and Stella couldn’t be happier with the results. Each little decor move she’s made has helped her achieve the “homey and inviting” vibe she was looking for.

While Stella’s vibrant yellow door, bold black walls and vintage finds are absolutely inviting and eye-catching, my favorite part of the home has to be how it’s styled with Stella’s own work. She proudly displays pots, decorative planters and one-off designs in almost every room of the home. How lucky she is to have a set of one-of-a-kind decorations at the ready! Their turquoise green and blue hues add even more color to the flat, and I’m all for that. Click through to see them sprinkled throughout this marvelous space, and atop one of the prettiest fireplaces I’ve ever seen. It’s a stunner. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Stella Baggott

via Design*Sponge