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My favorite hidden storage in the kitchen!

Hello and happy weekend! It's Friday the 13th, the full moon was yesterday and we're expecting an ice storm tonight. Good day to stay inside I say! 

This is one of my very favorite little details of our home and I can't believe in nine years I've never shared it with you! At least I don't think I have? I've been at this a long time folks! 

This organization idea is hidden away and you'd never even know it was there. We have them in the kitchen and master bath: 
My favorite hidden storage for the kitchen and bathroom

Any guesses? I don't even remember picking these out when we built our house -- if I remember right they came as a nice surprise to us when we moved in. 

They are called tip out trays and they allow you to use that small space behind those upper, faux drawers: 
Tip out trays for hidden storage in the kitchen

They work with nearly all drop in or undermount sinks. And of course with sinks that sit on top of the counter in bathrooms. When we installed this sink years ago with our old countertops I couldn't use the trays because there wasn't enough room. But when we got the granite they must have moved the position of the sink back just a bit because they work fine again! 

They are absolutely AWESOME for the little stuff you need to access daily:
Hidden storage in the kitchen for small stuff

We used to keep our sponges in there until I found these that I love -- they won't fit inside. But regular sponges fit fine and tons of other random stuff will as well. 

In our bathroom we use them for our toothbrushes, toothpaste and flossers: 
Hidden storage in the bathroom

We each have one in our bathroom and I plan to add two more when I work on this room sometime in the next couple of years. They are so convenient and easy to access! 

It wasn't till about seven years ago or so that I noticed they had started selling them in the store -- I've seen them at Lowe's but the best price I've seen for them is on Amazon. (Make sure yours come with the hinges if you buy online!) You can also just buy the trays -- when ours didn't fit with our new sink I just took the trays out and attached them to the back of the cabinet doors. Still great storage! 

If you're handy you can install them yourself, but they do take some patience. To install them where there are none, you'll need to lay inside the cabinet to remove the drawer front and then install them. :) I had to remove the kitchen trays when I painted our cabinets and took photos of them to remember exactly how to reinstall them. 

I highly recommend these hidden storage trays for little stuff you use every day -- I think they're especially helpful in the kitchen! Do you have these hidden gems in your house? We love them and plan to add more! 

Have a great weekend and if you are getting the ice as well, be safe!

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