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Make Your Next Move with Squarespace

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Make Your Next Move with Squarespace

Hope is in the air. Gyms are packed, organization apps downloaded, and juicers are dusted off. This is the time of year that we resolve to finally get that side project off the ground, take our business to the next level or start a new nonprofit. The blank slate of the new year is full of possibilities. Making it seem just a little bit easier to finally make a move toward our goals. Confession. I love this time of year. I’m one of those avid Resolution makers. With enough productivity books under my belt to last anyone a lifetime, I’ve gotten better about making sure that my goals are actionable. And that I make small steps toward big year-end goals.

This latest collaboration between Squarespace and John Malkovich are an example of doing just that. And is fantastic inspiration for how to make a move toward pursuing a passion. The acclaimed actor got his industry start as a costume designer, and over the past several years has been working to get back to those clothing design roots with a fashion line. Whether you’re a famous actor or a college student with a dream, you can’t launch a new venture without a solid online presence. So Squarespace worked with Malkovich to design a retail website,, that reflected the actor-turned-designer’s vision for his new menswear brand.

To chronicle his progress, Malkovich appears in the fittingly titled, John’s Journey – a three-minute, sardonic look at the actor’s struggle to have his design passion taken seriously by friends and Hollywood. John says of his project: “I am always the figure in someone else’s dream. I would really rather sometimes make my own figures and make my own dreams.” Vogue has called the line “less Spike Jonze dreamscape and more Talented Mr. Ripley.” It’s chinos, silk scarves and cotton jacquard.

John Malkovich Lookbook Fall/Winter 2016-2017

The collection is designed and created at John’s studio in Paris, but the inspiration is taken from his travels around the world and his own personal style. Although, Malkovich has designed three other lines, this is the first one that’s available online. In fact, it’s the first time he’s had a website! After working with Squarespace for the David Lynch project, Malkovich realized that perhaps the thing missing from his fashion business was an e-commerce site. Without one, it was nearly impossible to make any headway in terms of distribution. So he approached the website brand about helping him realize his dream.

John Malkovich Lookbook Fall/Winter 2016-2017

The resulting site is truly beautiful, but even more amazing is that a 63-year-old actor isn’t afraid to dream about the future. When asked in the film, “Quite a gamble, isn’t it?” Malkovich responds, “Yeah, but everything I ever did was a gamble.” He certainly isn’t afraid to put himself out there, and that’s truly motivating.

New Year. New slate. Did you make any resolutions this year? What’s your first step?

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