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Make a Workspace Work for Your Home

Something about a new year and a new planner makes me want to tackle everything on my to-do list ASAP. However, without a proper space to get things done, it can be challenging to accomplish anything (and all too easy to throw in the towel).

If you’re looking for an area of your home to create an art studio, a space to write, catch up on work from the office, or do some crafting, here’s how to construct a creative work corner. You don’t need a spare bedroom or lots of square footage; you just need a little creativity and inspiration to make a workspace work for any space.

For Master Crafters

Sometimes a single wall can accomplish all you need for the perfect workspace! Create a crafting haven with a small tabletop and a fun pegboard to stylishly store and display tools and inspiration.

Via A Beautiful Mess

Daring Doers (Who Do it All)

Laundry? Check. Craft supplies? Check. Sewing space? Storage? Computer desk? Check, check, and check. If you have a lot on your plate, consider finding a place to settle in and get everything done.

Via With Heart

The Cozy and Accomplished

Fluffy pillows, furry accents, and sleek modern style make this home office amazing. If your key to getting things done is making sure you’re comfortably situated, this is the way to go. Give yourself space to relax and brainstorm as well as an area to get down to business (while still staying cute and comfy, of course).

Via Miss Kyree Loves

Tucked Away Task-Tackler

A tiny bit of space can go a long way. For example, this little corner is now an amazing mini office. For those who need a little more peace and quiet, try tucking a workspace into an area that’s sitting empty.

Via Chris Loves Julia

The Studio Space

I love this little studio because it looks so homey and authentic. It’s a space where I would love to sit down and be able to just create, fling some paint, and find my happy place.

Via My Blank Paper

Office Overseer

Sometimes it takes multitasking to get things done. That’s why a little nook to work in near the hub of your house can be so useful! Edit photos while keeping an eye on the little ones, plan out your week while you’re preparing dinner, and more.

Via Monika Hibbs

Customize your space to meet your working needs, and keep going strong on your New Year’s resolutions! Your to-do list will be checked off in no time once you have the perfect workspace.

via BHG Style Spotters