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January 2017 Editor’s Letter + #DSinspire


Good morning and happy 2017, everyone! I wanted to take this moment to check in and talk about our plans here at Design*Sponge this year. Last year was a rollercoaster of huge life changes, travel, and emotions, but with all of the change and adjustment came a sort of clarity for me. I realized what’s really important to me and what our mission and voice here at Design*Sponge will be going forward.

After Julia and I finished our book tours this fall, we spent a lot of our free time doing volunteer work in our area. I have never felt more useful, more plugged into my community and more in touch with what matters most to me in life. Those moments of honing in on what makes me feel good (helping people and making sure families have what they need) helped me clarify what I want to do here at Design*Sponge for the coming year: I want to make design personal again.

Over the past decade I’ve watch design go the way of fast-fashion: favoring quantity over quality and demanding immediate gratification. Trends seem to turn over in a matter of weeks and judgement is quick and harsh if someone’s home/decor isn’t everything the market is demanding.

There will always be plenty of magazines and blogs to cover the latest/greatest anything in our design community, but as I head into my 13th year of blogging here at Design*Sponge (what?!) I know that my mission is to reconnect the things and spaces we love with the people and stories behind them.

I focused on this style with my latest book, In the Company of Women, and it’s going to be our focus going forward this year. We will always talk about exciting new people, artists, designers, objects and interiors- but we want to spend more time finding the things that make them special and presenting them in a way that helps you connect more closely and with more meaning. I want to hear people’s voices in their homes, see what inspires them and, most importantly, connect with all of you in a way that lets us learn from each other, motivate our community and do good together.

To kick off this focus, this month’s content focus at D*S is going to be about coziness and hygge (a concept getting a lot of well-deserved love online lately). We’re going to be sharing homes that exude a comfy cozy vibe, collect decorating ideas and tips with that feel in mind and talk to people in our community who can help us all create a little more cozy in our lives.

This month’s hashtag challenge is all about inspiration, too- so if you’d like to join the fun, share a photo of words of wisdom you see in your everyday life and share it online with the hashtag #DSInspire. Whether it’s a page in a book, something you hand write on paper, see in a magazine or a message written in tile on the floor of your favorite coffee shop, we want to see what words of wisdom, inspiration and motivation are keeping YOU going this month. Here’s to a wonderful year full of meaning, purpose, connection and love. xo, grace

Image above via Wenderly on Instagram, from the #DSInspire feed 


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