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India Travels: Nicobar

So the name on everyone’s lips across the Arabian Sea is Nicobar, a gorgeous new fashion and home label set to define the ‘modern Indian voice’ by the geniuses at Good Earth (an iconic Indian home-store).

The new label combines a whimsical aesthetic with contemporary pieces inspired by India – think diaphanous Kurta style dresses with inky blue polka dots or white earthenware tea sets embossed with palm trees. It’s also aimed at the millennial crowd, the price points are delightfully lower than it’s luxury counterpart Good Earth.


The store has three physical outlets, Delhi, Bangalore and the one I visited in Bombay’s trendy Kala Ghoda district. What I love about India is any door can deliver you from chaos into beauty and the new store is no different. Nestled in a winding dusty maze of shops and amenities, next to a what i can only describe as a general store – was a large wooden door with a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ charcoal black sign. Enter and you are transported into a sanctuary – a fairy-light adorned staircase and a pineapple wallpapered corridor leads you into a large warehouse space with a relaxed tropical vibe.

Chic black rails of easy-wear cotton and linen, dresses, jumpsuits and flowing blouses are displayed in colour blocks of indigo, ivory grey and fuschia, all adorned with covetable contemporary prints, charcoal polka dots (sold out!), tiny metallic dragonflies, chevrons and chic stripes.

Industrial display cabinets are stacked with glittering glassware in jewelled hues, whilst tables display vignettes of eclectic accessories like brass binoculars, vintage compasses and metallic pineapples.

An element of whimsy and magic is central to the collections as safari inspired travel bags, pouches and totes tempt with with adventurous emblems of big top tents and tigers, all in chic grey stripes and indigos and with that great leather and canvas detailing.

Colonial furniture dotted around room makes you feel like you are browsing the gift shop on your honeymoon with changing areas equipped with mango wood and cane benches, heirloom coat stands and rope swings of course for passing the time.

Best of all everything at Nicobar is available to buy internationally online – hooray!




via The Beat That My Heart Skipped