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In Mexico, a Masterclass in Wallpaper and Bold Color

In Mexico, a Masterclass in Wallpaper and Bold Color

Twenty-one years ago, Susana Ordovás came to Mexico on assignment. A report for a British newspaper was on the docket, and so was José, if fate was going to have any say. Fate pushed and pulled behind the scenes, weaving them towards one another in the seemingly-serendipitous style only this couple can pull off. And as fate would have it, Susana and José were soon married and two children were in the works (though, at the time they of course were none the wiser to that last bit of fate’s dealings).

Fast-forward to 2017 and the Ordovás family, all four members intact, is thriving in this newly-renovated, Mexico City, MX home. Nestled on a serene, tree-lined street, the space is drenched in light and boasts vacation-level temperatures year-round. Susana, an avid thrifter and flea marketer, has loved using the home’s potential as an outlet for her interior passions, and so have her friends. But where to start? She and interior decorator Dirk-Jan Kinet felt an egg seemed appropriate. One in African malachite, to be more specific, and one that Susana graciously inherited. This small heirloom single-handledly informed the green hues that skip around the main spaces and some of the bedrooms you’ll see today, and I sure am happy it did.

The potential with green is endless: Mix it with floral wallpapers and velvet sofas; add to it a dash of pink; add to it a bunch of treasures you’ve collected. Susana and Dirk-Jan Kinet have executed them all — and with ease. Click through to soak up all of the tropical — yet still totally livable — vibes the design pair has concocted. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Ana Hop

via Design*Sponge