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FYI: Seven Great Things!

1.  My new desk calendar from Paper Source is on sale right now.  I put the current month on my desk and the other colorful months pinned up on the bulletin to see the year at a glance...

 2.  We went to Cirque du Soleil Luzia here in San Francisco the other night.  It's amazing what these performers can do (the acrobats below didn't have cables on and it was a little scary to watch!).

3.  Have you seen the new line of pillows at Pottery Barn lately?  Really pretty ones!  Remember to buy the bigger inserts (like for the 22" squares, buy at least 24" or 25").
 We put together this combo for a client who loves blue...
 4.  And I really like Pottery Barn's new bakeware made in Portugal.

5.  We bought this heavy wicker tray at Pottery Barn to update my client's coffee table.  It's in the stores, but I haven't seen it online yet.
Along with some accessories... she is going to print family photos and leave them on display in the glass box.
 If you are convinced that you can't keep plants alive, the Pottery Barn faux succulent plants  are good looking (I think the greyish ones look more real).  And you can place them on shelves and not worry about watering.

6.  This wine bucket is a great gift as it can be used for chilling wine or as a pretty planter on your dining table filled with ferns, ivy or hydrangea plants.

7.  We have been trying to eat healthier and I just made this delicious  Spaghetti Squash Puttanesca.  With all the flavors you hardly miss the carbs and it can be made on a single baking sheet pan (less clean-up).
Photo: Chelsea Kyle

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