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Everything You Need to Know About Flash Facials

What Are Flash Facials?

Flash facials are exactly as they sound: They’re facials done in a flash. The bonus? Flash facials take the skincare regimen out of the spa and into your home. It might sound a little intimidating to try a facial at home, but trust us — with the right products and knowledge, your skin will feel rejuvenated and camera-ready in minutes. Whether you’re looking for hydration, anti-wrinkle treatments, dull complexion fixes, or dark circle solutions, there’s a flash facial for you out there.

Application Tips

Although there is excitement surrounding flash facials, it is imperative that the application be done correctly. Like any skincare product, overdoing it can lead to unhappy results. Don’t be frightened, though! If done correctly and not too often, products used in flash facials will only do wonders on your skin. Every facial product is different, so follow the directions on the bottle or package for best results.

To give yourself the best flash facial, start with clean skin. Facial creams and gels have a harder time working when your skin is covered in dirt and makeup. You know your skin better than anyone, so treat it so. Don’t poke, prod, or scrub your skin any harder than your skin is used to — especially when applying your own facial. After applying and rinsing an at-home facial, seal it in with your favorite facial moisturizer.

Products We Recommend

Sonya Dakar‘s NutraSphere Flash Facial ($95, is an exfoliating peel that works in just 60 seconds. The popular facial produce is paraben-free and praised by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow. Jenna of Beauty Binge recommends that though this product can be safely used every day, those who have sensitive skin or are prone to redness limit use to three times a week.

If you’re looking to brighten up fatigued skin, try Dr. Brandt‘s Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask ($70, This 3-minute boost not only helps skin better absorb oxygen, but it is also proven to smooth fine lines. The foamy and airy sensation of this product is what makes it unique; you can feel your pores opening up after just one use.

Sunday Riley‘s flash facial solution includes three parts Ceramic Slip ($45,, a foaming clay cleanser, and two parts Good Genes ($158,, a lactic acid treatment. Wendy, a writer for xoVain, hails that this facial solution has done wonders, plumping her skin and diminishing fine lines. Another fun fact: These products are go-to solutions backstage at numerous fashion shows.

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