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Eco Resin Vases by Capra Designs

Eco Resin Vases by Capra Designs

During the process of creating the Aurora collection, maker Bianca Lambert of Capra Designs sought to reduce waste while not letting it affect her creativity during the production process. When normally making pots, mounds of excess resin were stacking up just to be thrown out. That had Lambert thinking there had to be a new product that could come out of this that would lessen the overall waste. That led to the Aurora eco resin vases, which fall right in line with the rest of the unique pieces from Capra Designs.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia, each vase is made using a water-based resin, as opposed to solvent-based ones that are less environmentally friendly. Every vase is one-of-a-kind in shape, color, size, and how they’re poured.

Photos by Eve Wilson.

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