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CES 2017: Samsung Goes Curvy with New Quantum Dot Monitor

CES 2017: Samsung Goes Curvy with New Quantum Dot Monitor

This week’s 2017 Consumer Electronics Show has barely opened its doors and we’re already getting glimpses of all the technological offerings slated to be on display in Las Vegas, including Samsung’s new selection of Quantum Dot curved monitors.


Available in 27- and 31.5-inch variations, the CH711 Quantum Dot curved monitor doesn’t offer the near-invisible pixels 5K resolution of LG’s most recent displays, but the 2,560 x 1,440 WQHD resolution provides a 125% sRGB color coverage with 178-degree viewing angle in a 21:9 aspect ratio (for more technical explanation about what the marketing talk of Quantum Dots actually represent, we recommend this Wired piece). Samsung says these monitors are intended for the needs of both gamers and professionals, but we can also imagine the new design being received positively as an alternative to the new monitor Apple never delivered –  with a clean, white chassis aesthetically pleasing from nearly any angle, and a cord and cable hiding neck/stand to please the obsessively organized.


With HDMI inputs, the all-white design could conceivably be used as a small bedroom television screen, especially in its 31.5″ iteration.


Samsung markets their clean minimalist three-sided industrial design, “Boundless”.


Pricing isn’t yet available for the CH711 Quantum Dot curved monitor – slated for early 2017 availability – but we’ll be sure to inquire with a follow-up once we’re on the CES show floors with Samsung later this week.

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