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Bring it On, 2017! Coffee Mugs from Society6

Bring it On, 2017! Coffee Mugs from Society6

The first week back after a two-week holiday is the hardest. Not only am I totally overwhelmed with resolutions (which I will likely fail at miserably after this week!) and piles of emails, but now I’ve got to re-train my body to get up early! So, the first thing that came to my mind when creating this week’s roundup was COFFEE, nectar of the gods! It will keep me going all week. Even if you like tea, you will appreciate these mugs


Coffee, First by Henn Kim


IT’S OKAY by Matthew Taylor Wilson


Dive by Richard Vergez


everything’s gonna be super duper by Marc Johns


Unknown pleasures to Infinity by Mariano Peccinetti


WOW, Nobody Cares by Text Guy


emoji / emoticons by Marta Olga Klara


Weird Surface by Danny Ivan


Space Sharks! by Hillary White

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