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Before & After: A Modern, Wheelchair-Accessible Bathroom

Before & After: A Modern, Wheelchair-Accessible Bathroom

Eighteen weeks into her pregnancy, Amy Webb, her husband and daughter waited anxiously to hear whether they’d be bringing home a bouncing baby boy or girl. As the ultrasound commenced, however, the technician hesitated. “I’ll be right back,” she quickly stated, and *zip* she was out of the room. Minutes stretched on and time seemed to stand still until she returned with their doctor. Much to their surprise, just as they were being told their baby was a girl, the physician revealed she would be born with extremely challenging limb differences. “We left the office with no answers. This completely unknown condition was either ‘incompatible with life,’ or if she did live, she was clearly going to have a host of issues, all of which would remain unknown for an indefinite amount of time,” Amy tells us.

It’s been five years since that scary day in the doctor’s office, and in that time Amy and her family have learned invaluable lessons about unconditional love, problem solving and how much of an amazing gift their differently-abled little one is. The joy and inspiration Lamp has brought to her family even prompted Amy to begin documenting their life through her blog This Little Miggy Stayed Home. It was here that we first discovered her stellar knack for advocacy and the beautiful bathroom makeover we are walking you all through today. Alongside her husband, Amy’s merged modern amenities, stylish touches and accessible designs that work tremendously well for their daughter and are also easy on the eyes. Click through to see all of the ways they’ve made their space perfect for every member of their family, no matter their needs. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Amy Webb

via Design*Sponge