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An Eclectic Retreat in Arizona Designed on a Dime

An Eclectic Retreat in Arizona Designed on a Dime

When she and her daughter first moved into this two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Mesa, AZ, actress and stylist Ashley Yazzie Ward was pinching pennies. She would collect change here and stuff loose dollars into piggy banks there, all in hopes of decorating her new home to her heart’s content. Most days she would pin pictures to her inspiration board hoping one day she’d be able to bring her dream home to life. Thanks to some serious patience and determination, all of her saving slowly began to pay off. Though it took time, she was finally able to start crafting the retreat of her dreams.

Just because she had the funds didn’t mean she was going to blow it all on one piece, though. Ashley knew she would have to stretch every dollar if she was going to afford herself the eclectic, streamlined look she loved. And it all started with some baby aloe vera plants she came across online. “Those free plants truly lifted our morale and aesthetic,” Ashley explains. They added to the calming vibe she hoped her home would embody, plus the plants kept her and her daughter company until Ashley came across the pieces she wanted at the right price. A thrifted Eames chair, secondhand leather sofa and a discount side table are just some of the pieces she’s tracked down to fill the space. Paint has also proven itself to be another cost-effective tool in adding visual interest to the space. A rich, black hue skims the kitchen, and the bedroom’s accent wall doesn’t disappoint.

Nowadays, the soothing apartment has welcomed Ashley’s husband and his son Hudson into its warm embrace. It’s not uncommon to find the foursome cooking together in their bright kitchen or cozied up together on the couch. Whatever they are up to, one thing’s for sure: it’s all thanks to the cleverness of one smart saver. Click through to take a look at the entire home. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Breanne Johnson

via Design*Sponge