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A Jewelry Designer’s Serene Bungalow in Portland, OR

A Jewelry Designer’s Serene Bungalow in Portland, OR

When you work from home, you have to make sure your space sets you up for success. The perfect color scheme, just the right amount of light and an overall vibe that promotes focus are all must-haves. In order to make sure she was working on her made-from-home jewelry line in the best environment possible, designer Kiersten Crowley did all this and more. It took some work, but she and her husband Mike slowly transformed their bungalow in Portland, OR into a calming space perfect for the craftswoman.

As Kiersten and Mike put their home together, the colors they worked with were always of the utmost importance. Pieces in eggshell and black, warm wood tones and a soft palette were chosen in order to keep the space from buzzing too much. They also opted to keep the family’s TV and media in the basement and away from the main floor. This simple move has eliminated way more white noise than either of them thought possible. No longer do doors have to be shut for some quiet time in this home. Nowadays, Kiersten can sit in the living room around the newly-installed, wood-burning fireplace concepting pieces for her latest collection with only the background noise of a loving family in her ear. Finally, in order to keep her eyes and mind from getting distracted as she works, minimal accessories are peppered throughout the house. The Crowleys have pared down their stuff to only include meaningful items and stellar finds. A mid-century sofa and unique floor lamp here, a few one-of-a-kind cuts of wood there — that’s all they need.

Even though she’s built a business inside its walls, Kiersten says her favorite memories living in the home have been those she’s shared with her husband and children. It holds over a decade’s worth of growing pains, laughs, tears and love. Overall, this sure is one cozy home perfect for family and the family business. Click through to soak it all in. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Anna Harris & Jolie Goodson

via Design*Sponge